5 Things to Do This Week

The Rule is the place to be.


Billed as the biggest drinking tournament to hit St Andrews, The Tournament will feature slap cup, flip cup, and boat races. Whether a spectator or a participant, there will be plenty of beer for everyone this Tuesday night.

2. The Secret Pyjama Party

The rugby club is back with their annual dress down event. Put on your finest PJs and head to The Rule on Wednesday.

3. Charities’ Campaign Masque-RAVE Night!

After a hasty rebranding, the Masquerade Ball has become the Masque-Rave. On Wednesday evening, ticket-holders can head down to the Balgove for some food and carnival-esque fun.

4. TEDx Launch Party

On Thursday, the student body will be able to select the student speaker for next semester’s TEDx conference. Tickets also include two glasses of wine.


TEA has never disappointed, and this week will not be any different. Get to The Rule early this Friday if you want to make it inside.



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