Sitara* 2017: This is My Rang

Gillian Davies previews tomorrow’s launch of Sitara*.

This Tuesday, join the Sitara* committee at the Vic for the 2017 official launch and meet the models. Look forward to surprises, models wearing items up for auction from last year’s prestigious designers, and a first look into what Sitara* 2017 will bring to the catwalk.

This year, Sitara* has chosen to celebrate the fusion and diversity within the community through a spectrum of hues. The theme, ‘This is My Rang’, is a unique representation of individual diversification depicted by the colour spectrum. The Heads of Creative and Fashion believe that colour embodies variety in the most beautiful, yet simplistic, way, which accords with the diversity in our student population here at St Andrews. As Sitara* is a fusion South-Asian collaboration, the committee is aiming to portray a metamorphosis of colour through the fashion and performances at Sitara* 2017.

We took the time to ask the Heads of Creative and Fashion a few questions before the launch so you know what to expect from Sitara* this year.

How will this year’s show be different from last year?

Aside from having a fresh ‘cast and crew’ for the show, we are hoping to produce a show that is aesthetically unforgettable by creating a strong bond and interactions between our models, actors and dancers. The introduction of our theme of ‘Rang’ will firmly be integrated between the fashion, dance and acting performances, and with new members in place, we are hoping to expand on each and every element of Sitara* 2016 and generate a cohesive, entertaining and visually dazzling show. 

What can we expect from designers and sponsors?

One of our biggest sponsors, Afrodysia (, has some new sparkly goodies to offer… Let’s just say that if you like G&Ts, you’ll like this. We have a range of sponsors, including Make Up For Ever, who will also be offering an entire make-up set for the raffle! The designers we have chosen for the show will be displaying a journey from monochromatic tones to bursts of vivid, prismatic hues in their clothing. We will be exhibiting a range of designs and fabrics with a mélange of ethnic, traditional wear, with contemporary, structured garments.

How has Sitara* grown from a smaller event into such a massive success?

Year by year, Sitara* has continuously carved its niche as a student-led fashion show, growing exponentially in terms of success. Each year, the functioning of a dedicated and passionate committee coupled with the determination and enthusiasm of our models has formed a symbiotic relationship whereby Sitara* as an entirety aims to rectify and ameliorate previous errors as we endeavour to truly put on ‘A Show Like No Other.’

How will you set Sitara* apart from other fashion shows this spring?

The difference between Sitara* and other fashions shows is the fusion between the South- Asian and Western culture. In addition to this, our emphasis on being a performance-based show not only enhances the cultural aspect, but complements the fashion part of the show. This spring, we aim to bring together the fashion, acting and dancing elements of our show, to harmoniously create a visually spectacular extravaganza through the concept of ‘This is My Rang.’

How did you choose this year’s charity?

This year’s charity is SOS Children’s Village Multan, which we partnered with last year. For Sitara* it is of utmost importance for us to be able to give back to the community that we are essentially representing and celebrating. One of the many things SOS Children provides for children and orphans is an education. We realize the value of our education and are so proud to support a charity that makes this accessible to as many children and young adults as possible.

With promises of massive improvements from last year and hints of extra treats and perks for VIP guests, we have a lot to look forward to with this year’s show. Be sure to come to the Vic and check out the launch party, dance to the tunes of Fusion Beats, and try to get a hold of some items up for auction from the show. The event goes from 9 pm – 2 am. From 9-10 there is a recommended donation of £2, and from 10 onwards entry is £2. 

“The beauty in the conception of Sitara* is the fusion aspect, which invites a celebration of diversity and identity, no matter what your background is.” 



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