Photo: FIXR

The St Andrean Spirit of FIXR

From lingerie to wellies, the homegrown app supports the game-changers.

Last month, FIXR released a promotional video that recapped the Safer Sex Ball. The Exeter-based event matched St Andrews in both style and substance, suggesting that our ability to host an epic night might not be unrivalled. The video takes us from pre-drinks to the ball itself, a throng of three thousand glitter-drenched dancers.

While the Safer Sex Ball did exceed us in size, it channeled a distinctly St Andrean aura: that of the unique dress code. Guests discarded their coats to reveal bare skin and lingerie, the identifying feature of the provocative event. This easily differentiated the ball from its contemporaries, much as St Andrews-based events seek to do. Welly Ball, Szentek, and Goat House stand out from the crowd in large part due to their distinctive dress codes.

Photo: FIXR

A further factor that binds these events? FIXR.

FIXR has become synonymous with St Andrews’ events. The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show and May Ball battle thousands of potential ticket-buyers each year, an impossibility without the app’s aid. As we saw in November, most websites cannot handle the massive traffic influx that accompanies ticket sales: The Union’s site struggled under the weight of Christmas Ball’s popularity. FIXR is successful because it can anticipate St Andrews’ needs, preparing its servers based on our Uni’s history.

Based on its alignment to the St Andrean market, it should come as no surprise to learn that FIXR was founded by St Andrews alumni. These are people who know the struggle of the resale market, who once queued for May Ball, who chased up friends for table deposits. Even as it spreads across the United Kingdom, the app finds its roots at this University, a bespoke service for St Andrews students.

Be it at Ma Bells or Kinkell Byre, FIXR can handle a party.



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