Photo: Mammacita

Mammacita: Authentic, Spicy, and Delicious

The newest restaurant in town captures the spirit and taste of a Mexican cantina.

The recent closures of Grill House and Mexigo have left St Andrews in dire need of some Mexican flavour. Much to our relief, a new Mexican restaurant has opened on the site of the Grill House. Mammacita promises a local food “revolution,” and in that it certainly succeeds.

In keeping with Mexican tradition, Mammacita serves most of its menu family style. The main courses, while sizeable for tapas, are ideal for divvying up throughout the table. In a single meal, I sampled chicken wings, tacos, nachos, salmon ceviche, and a delicious black bean dip. The flavourful dishes are reminiscent of street food, combining the authenticity of a vendor with the presentation skills of a restaurant.

Photo: Mammacita

The meal also proved to be a wonderful social experience. Mammacita is not intimate; the dining room is constantly filled with chatter, music, and the loud crunch of taco shells. Throw in a few frozen margaritas, and the mood becomes infectious. It bills itself as a “cantina” rather than a restaurant, a casual spot to let loose with friends. This is not your typical meal, particularly in St Andrews.

Mammacita is well worth a visit for anyone in need of warmth on one of these cold winter nights.



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