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Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Bejant drinks and fashion shows, naturally.

1. The Kate Kennedy Club Recruitment Drinks

This semester, the KK recruitment drinks will be held in the Austen Gallery at the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel on North Street. Beginning at 7.30 on Tuesday evening, any first year student can sign up to interview for club membership. Punctual attendees can expect a drinks reception.

2. The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show

Lower College Lawn is the only place to be this Saturday, as our uni’s biggest event turns twenty-five. Expect plenty of champagne.

3. St Andrews Africa Summit Launch Party

UNTITLED, DJ Craig and ELI SA will herald the launch of the St Andrews Africa Summit. The committee promises Afro beats, hip hop, and some R ‘n’ B. Entry to the Vic is a mere £2 this Tuesday night.

4. Second Semester Boozing

Fine Wine & Cheese Society makes its glorious debut of second semester. Held in the Society Room, this drunken debacle will make a convenient pre-drinking for a classic Ma Bells Tuesday.

5. Brexit Forum

It probably won’t be lit, but Brexit is an issue that will affect each of us in some way. To combat any confusion within the student body, the Union is hosting an open forum on the University’s future. Any questions about visas, tuition fees, and more can be answered by the Association President, the Principal, or members of the Principal’s Office.




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