Drag Walk 2017: A Dazzling Demonstration

Saliva Plath took home the crown, but she was in good company on stage.

Drag Walk 2016 certainly left large shoes to fill (namely, those of Gayvid Cameron), but 2017 easily delivered on all accounts. The names alone reveal the eccentricity of the annual event: Electra Neutrino, Nina Noire, Brexatina Trumplania, Saint Josephine, Saliva Plath, Gaymes Bond, Maxine Penetrata, Disastra, Violet Palma, Misty Mountains, and Scarlett Dynamite.

Each queen delivered an unparalleled performance, the shameless spirit that makes Drag Walk unique. Roars of laughter and applause emanated from the crowd, some members of which waved homemade signs of support in the air. It was an electrifying experience, equal parts intimate and inclusive, a triumph by all accounts.

Per usual, RuJazzle hosted with his trademark flair. Having founded Drag Walk during his time at St Andrews, the queen easily matched the mood of the room. The runway separated the crowd, allowing the audience to get up close and personal with the contenders. Some guests bemoaned the lack of chairs; however, it is difficult to see why anyone would want to sit. The music alone generated enough energy to have guests dancing throughout the show. When the queens began to speak, the enthusiasm only grew.

By the time winner Saliva Plath took her final walk, guests were fully prepped for the afterparty. As with the show itself, the eclectic array of fashion on display made attendance worth the price. Sky high heels, war paint-like makeup, and several wigs could be found on half the guests. Like any LGBT+ event, Drag Walk encouraged us to unveil our inner queens, and work that runway.



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