One Night Stand: Arvid & Derek and Odelle & Christine

Three Canadians and a Swede walk into an Indian restaurant.

On Friday evening, Balaka hosted our first double blind date. These are their stories.

Arvid & Derek

1. Please give the date a 1-10 ranking. 

We would rate the date a 7.

2. How was your performance?

Arvid’s Lord Voldemort impersonation could use a little work, but it’s definitely a great way to break the ice. Derek was supposed to attempt eating his Chicken Tikka Masala dish in under three minutes. However, due to some extra spicy curry he had enjoyed earlier that day, Derek was afraid his stomach would not be able to handle such a stunt. Maybe for a future date… 😉

3. What actually happened at the date?

The date started off with some top-notch small talk. After a few sips of delicious sauvignon blanc, we got into some really interesting conversations. Having understood that one of our dates was a keen philosopher, we indulged in a wild debate regarding which came first, the chicken or the egg (answer: the egg came first). In the middle of the date, Arvid brought up a funny story about a drunken moose wandering in his garden back home. This amusing anecdote served as lubricant for the rest of the date and the evening to come. Although the dinner itself was pleasurable, the real excitement began beyond the gates of Balaka…

4. Are you going to see this person again?

This was a night for the books. And thus, we want leave this adventure on a high.

5. Would you go on a blind date again? (What are the benefits of blind dating, what are the drawbacks, should everyone do it?)

We surely look forward to our next blind date. It was a fun way to get outside of your comfort zone, although a bit nerve wracking. Nevertheless, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You never know where you’ll find the love of your life. It might as well be over a spicy vindaloo at Balaka…

Odelle & Christine

1. Please give the date a 1-10 ranking.

Christine: 10/10 for the Peshwari naan. 8.7/10 for the date. Points docked for failing to deliver on the Voldemort impression we were so looking forward to. Neither of us had been on a double or blind date before, but as far dates go – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had nominated each other on a whim for a good laugh and it eased our nerves that they didn’t take themselves too seriously either.

Odelle: Funny story –  I was supposed to go on a blind date two weeks ago for The Stand, but my date emailed to cancel 15 minutes after he was supposed to show up, claiming illness (his loss). Fortunately, Christine came to the rescue and Balaka still generously hosted the two of us for a lovely dinner. Long story short, my only expectation going into this date was that somebody (please) show up. So in that respect, Arvid and Derek not only showed up, but also delivered on a great time.

2. How was your performance?

Christine: I tend to be the one to ask a lot of questions in a conversation so I’m not quite sure if they learned much about me besides my love for themed parties and G&Ts… On the other hand, Odelle chatted away about her rock-climbing and hitch-hiking adventures (my best friend is cool, I know).

Odelle: I slayed it. Just kidding. I’m naturally a little shy so there were definitely times that I was scrambling to think of things to say. Chris, however, can keep a conversation with absolutely everyone so bless her soul..I usually just interject with a cheeky comment here and there.

3. What actually happened at the date?

We were the first ones to arrive, so we were in the awkward position of constantly eyeing the door for two tall, dark handsome strangers. In reality, we were met with two (still tall and handsome) guys who entered looking lost. After polite introductions and laughs over the short descriptions we had of one another, we settled in for a night of jovial conversation and delicious food.

Put three Canadians and one Swede in a room and topics discussed will include IKEA meatballs, drunken moose and of course, the ever salient dilemmas of Dervish versus Empire or chicken versus egg. Before we knew it, we had been chatting for three hours. We couldn’t pass up dessert so by the time we left, it was nearly 11 pm. Unfortunately Arvid had another commitment, but the rest of us continued the night over drinks at The Central.

4. Are you going to see this person again?

Christine: Well Derek promised to save his best party trick (aka eating a whole tikka masala in under 3 minutes) for a second date…

Odelle: And after hearing Arvid’s sensational and hilarious imitation of his American flatmate, I’m dying to see his other impressions.

(So essentially, we would definitely enjoy seeing them again if they’re keen!)

5. Would you go on a blind date again? (What are the benefits of blind dating, what are the drawbacks, should everyone do it?)

Sure! Although blind-dating wasn’t really what we had in mind when we told our parents we were going on exchange to “broaden our horizons,” embracing this opportunity has definitely been a positive experience. We’re both study abroad students so we’re often meeting friends in unconventional ways – now adding blind double date to that list!

Benefits: It was a fun opportunity to meet students we wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise. We are genuinely curious to learn about the school and Derek and Arvid gave us a great perspective to the ins and outs of the social scene here. Moreover, the food and service (manager Martin is a sweetheart) never disappoints!

Drawbacks: The benefits definitely outweigh the total of 37 seconds Odelle spent hating/loving me for putting her up to this.

Should everyone do it? Yes! Whether you’re on exchange or not, a blind date is still a unique way to step outside your comfort zone / social circle and get to know someone without having first thoroughly stalked their social media accounts. And at the end of the day, you’ll get to walk away with full stomachs and a memorable story to tell.

One Night Stand is a weekly column that The Stand runs in partnership with Balaka. If you’re interested in applying for a blind date, please email [email protected] Owing to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to everyone individually; but rest assured, you will be contacted if we find a match for you! 



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