The Race for Association President Timeline

Relive the excitement.

The race for association president this year saw several people put their names forward, however, several candidates have withdrawn from the race, leaving limited to go forwards to the ballot on Thursday 2nd March and Friday 3rd march. This final list includes one candidate who withdrew from another sabbatical race to run for the top job. Below is a timeline of the events, chronicling the field as it opened and narrowed for the race to lead the Students’ Association next year.

20/2 09.00 – Nominations open

20/2 17.51 – Lewis Wood enters race for Director of Wellbeing

22/2 10/09 – James Bundy enters race

22/2 10.23 – Guy Roulstone enters race

23/2 14.43 – Lewis Wood withdraws from race for Director of Wellbeing

23/2 14.51 – Lewis Wood enters race

23/2 19.37 – Guy Roulstone withdraws from race

24/2 13.59 – Lewis Campbell enters race

24/2 17.00 – Nominations Close

25/2 12.09 – James Bundy withdraws from race

This leaves Lewis Campbell and Lewis Wood as the two remaining candidates for Association President. Voting opens midnight Thursday 2nd March and closes Friday 3rd March at 6 pm. Results are scheduled to be announced at 6.30 pm on Friday 3rd March.

All times besides the open and close of nominations are taken as published by the St Andrews Students’ Association Elections Facebook Page. These will be delayed from the official time the Students’ Association approves / withdraws nominations and the time taken between the receiving / withdrawal of these nominations and publishing on the page. This timeline can be used as an approximation estimation of times and to represent the sequence of events.



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