Yoyo Wallet: Buy or Bust?

An analysis of the newest ticketing app to hit St Andrews.

Considering Tilt’s uncertain future, the St Andrews ticketing market might have just grown smaller. A potential replacement for the pale blue app? Yoyo Wallet, introduced via its partnership with the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show.

Guests of the DONT WALK launch party and of the show itself will have used Yoyo to pay for their tickets. While bumps are to be expected for a debut, Yoyo did not make a very smooth arrival. Many launch party guests reported payment issues – predominantly in the form of not receiving their tickets.

To avoid such technical issues for the show, guests were required to pay for their tickets in person, which seems to defeat the purpose of using an app in the first place. Afterparty guests reported further confusion in downloading the app and deducing how, exactly, to pay for a ticket. Several guests claimed to have deleted the app following the show, seeing no further use for it.

As Yoyo’s only significant competition, FIXR remains the most convenient method of selling and buying tickets. The fresh-faced pink app may eventually work through its kinks; however, until then students would be safer staying red.



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