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Sushi Restaurant To Open in St Andrews

Kazoku is an independent Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar.

Currently, St Andrews’ only sushi fix can be found at Tesco and Be Thai – surprising, considering the town’s proximity to a ready source of fresh fish. In April 2017, this tragedy will be rectified with the opening of Kazoku.

Located on Greyfriars Gardens, the restaurant and cocktail bar promises to provide us with “a world class dining and hospitality venue.” It is spearheaded by the team behind Nahm-Jim’s, a former St Andrean restaurant once named Best Thai in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the expected range of sushi, Kazoku will offer a customised cocktail menu and assortment of mochi balls. Its uniqueness will likely work in its favour, as St Andrews is otherwise saturated with eateries. The menu includes Tokyo Mai Tais and Ice Cream Mochi Balls, among other unusual treats.

Kazoku will open officially next month.



19 thoughts on “Sushi Restaurant To Open in St Andrews

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