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The Battle of the AGMs

Deanna Coleman recaps the many elections currently taking place.

Annual General Meetings are being held across St Andrews. This is an opportunity for the current committee of the society to review their successes and failures of this academic year to the members. After this, elections take place to vote for the new committee positions for the next academic year.

Unless a society has specific policies, in general, all positions are available for election in order for a fair outcome. Such positions include president, treasurer, administration, along with social reps and many others. All paying members of a society are asked to join the AGM. Whether it be running for a position or simply voting, all participation is valuable to ensure the correct choices have been made.

Committee members are very valuable to societies. They’re vital for the day-to-day running of a society, meetings and all their successes, as well as failures. The select few often run regular meetings in order to ensure all positions are being fulfilled to their optimum potential; to guarantee the success of the society.

Many AGMs began this week and will continue through the coming weeks, in order for a prompt start in the new academic year. The Boat Club were one of the first to start off the influx of AGMs, which took place Monday 27th March. 

Just a day later came the AGM of the Model United Nations Society. All positions were available and a healthy turnout of members ensured for a good voting procedure. The newly-elected president of the School of International Relations, Sarah Gharib, was elected President of the MUN society,

“I’m so excited to be taking on this role and will fulfil this position to the best of my ability as I’ve been a member of this society and committee for the past 3 years, and I can’t wait to see how SaintMUN grows over the next year.”

Other societies similarly continued to share their success. The Saints Cheerleading Cub announced on Facebook their congratulations to the new members of the committee. This trend was then followed by other societies.

The Dance Society held their AGM on Wednesday 29th March, along with the St Andrews Muslim Students Association and St Andrews Snowsports. The publicity in regards to the elections for the Snowsports committee were similar to sabbatical campaigns, which took place before spring vacation. Many of those running for SAS positions took the liberty of changing their Facebook profiles to encourage a campaign for themselves; friends also joined in by changing their profile pictures, cover photos, and sharing posts. 

Despite the invasion of emails regarding AGMs for societies you only signed up for in Freshers’ Week, they will only continue. The Feminist Society will be holding theirs this Sunday, followed by the Amnesty Group, STAAG, Childreach International, and many more.



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