St Andrews Crushes 3.0 Launches Following Failure of 2.0

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Everything comes to an end, as has the second attempt of a St Andrews Crushes page. We must say farewell to the stream of enthusiasm, active engagement, and on-going banter shared as we welcome the new page St Andrews Crushes 3.0.  The new page was introduced following a te day period of inactivity from its earlier counterpart, St Andrews Crushes 2.0. 

The third attempt of a Crushes page follows the sudden and abrupt ends of its two previous counterparts. The most successful page appears to be the original University of St Andrews Crushes. Before its ending in 2015, the way to send anonymous posts was through an external website Anonymonkey. What would be considered an inconvenience now did not stop the page from reaching 1587 posts. It gained 3,089 likes, just a fraction more than its second equivalent.

The Facebook page St Andrews Crushes 2.0 became inactive on 5th March at 6.05 pm as it posted its 1668th message:

#StAndrewsCrush1668 to the pretty blonde girl in the gym: you ran right off the treadmill into my heart. nobody else makes a sports bra look that good. i bet i could bench you, easy. give me a look next time, i’d love to spot you  ?

The page had over 3,000 likes and was enjoyed for its mainly humorous posts. Evidently, many friends enjoyed laughing at each other’s drunken encounters and inside jokes as they shamelessly posted full names and details. While other, more serious posts, were taken with great question as floods of tags would bring the unknown to question. Yet with an 86% response rate and complaints about the slow release of anonymous submissions, the page became inactive earlier this month.

Within ten days St Andrews Crushes 3.0 had been created, the principle of anonymous posting remained the same. Yet some long and overdue changes have been made. The low resolution cover photo of the renowned Sallies Quad has been replaced with the scenic street Shorehead, with a glimpse of the end of the pier. Perhaps this was done in order to associate these “romantic gestures” with the must-do St Andrews date walk along the pier. Likewise, the page’s profile picture has been replaced with a tainted version of the university’s logo, possibly influencing the mysteriousness of the posts.   

Adopting the methods used in the original crushes page, the posts are now dated and time-stamped in an attempt to reassure its followers that the page is being kept up to date. Only two days on and this trend still continues to thrive with one post shared just twenty minutes after its initial submission. The page has now had fifteen posts, enough to suggest that the humorous element of the page will continue.

The administrator of the page believes “with absolute certainty that this will be the most successful Facebook page in history.” Although they refused to share their “sad and lonely identity,” they reassured that “messages will be posted as often as they are received.”

Let’s hope third time’s a charm.



13 thoughts on “St Andrews Crushes 3.0 Launches Following Failure of 2.0

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