Don’t Forget to Vote!

Dominic Nolan reminds us to register.

The deadline to register to vote in the Scottish local elections is by Monday 17th April. Registering to vote can be easily done online and all British, EU and Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in the elections which take place on Thursday 4th May. Students are able to register and vote in both St Andrews and back at their home-time address.

These elections to Fife Council will see four councillors elected to represent St Andrews ward. The candidates are:

Andy Collins – Scottish Green Party

Clare Fisher – Independent

Jane Ann Liston – Scottish Liberal Democrats

Mariam Mahmood – Scottish Liberal Democrats

Christopher McKinlay – Independent

Dorothea Morrison – Independent

Dominic Nolan – Scottish Conservative & Unionist

Brian Thomson – Scottish Labour Party

Colin Veitch – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ann Verner – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Councillors are elected by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) which sees voters rank candidates in order of preference. Voters may list as many or as few preferences as they wish. The last election in 2012 saw one candidate elected each from the Scottish Conservatives, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party and Scottish Labour.

On a more personal note, I would strongly encourage all students to register to vote in these elections while they can. I am standing as the Scottish Conservative & Unionist candidate and whether you wish to support me or not in a time of divisive, and somewhat surprising, results which have come from politics in the past year, it is important that all voices are heard. The St Andrews’ student population makes a large and undeniable contribution to this town and Fife Council needs to hear our voices in order to make decisions that affect our lives.

Both myself for the Scottish Conservatives and Mariam for the Liberal Democrats are students in our third year of university and so this election gives a real chance for students to have an influence on the Council. Please follow this link and hit the green button to register to vote. The process is short and quick. Let your voice be heard.



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