The Adamson’s New Cocktail Menu Debuts in Style

Canapés, cocktails, and an appearance from Tom Morris characterised the launch night.

On Thursday 13th April, The Adamson officially launched their latest cocktail menu. In anticipation of the launch, the management team visited bars from New York to London to Edinburgh, investigating the world’s latest cocktail trends. The result: an internationally-charged collection of Instagram-worthy beverages.

Longtime patrons of the bar will be delighted to see their “local heroes,” such as the ever-popular Physician, remain on the menu. The Adamson’s staple collection of £5 drinks also remains, now under the monicker “doctor’s orders.” This attention to consumer preference reminds us of the family-owned nature of The Adamson. Every change is made with St Andrews in mind, catering directly to the local market.

Bearing this in mind, the new additions to the menu are exclusively St Andrean. Guests would do themselves a disservice to order a Cosmo or a Margarita, when they could instead sample the gin and grapefruit-infused Gypsy Eyes, or romantic rum-based Caught in the Rain. The Bloomsbury, featuring flambéed absinthe cherries, is particularly tantalising, as is the mouth-watering Black Rose. To top it all off, the restaurant’s partnership with Laurent-Perrier has contributed to a stunning selection of champagne cocktails.

Managing Director Julie Lewis describes the menu as being “at the forefront of innovation,” and this is evident in every intricate cocktail description. The menu represents the forward-thinking nature of St Andrews. Hopefully we will have time to sample every drink two times over, before the next menu debuts!



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