Wardrobe Stories: An Oldie, but a Goodie

Natasha Franks previews the final fashion show of the year.

Although it may seem as though the fashion show dust has settled, one more event remains on the sartorial social calendar. Wardrobe Stories marks the first collaboration between Dementia Friendly St Andrews and the University, thanks to the efforts of both locals and students. Maggie Ellis, of Dementia Friendly, describes the event as a true demonstration of town and gown relations. Student models will walk alongside schoolchildren, wearing clothes donated by the Byre Theatre, Rummage, and local individuals.

Chloe Stenson and Rebecca Munns have led the student coalition. In addition to recruiting models and organising the lion’s share of the event, they have spearheaded the creation of the Dementia Friendly St Andrews Society, a University-affiliated offshoot of the main organisation. In addition to raising awareness for the condition, the society organises activities for sufferers of dementia.

Dr Maggie Ellis, a Fellow in Dementia Care at the University, explains that many sufferers have clear memories of their distant past. “Pople with dementia often will discuss their memories of their past,” she says. “They find it easier to talk about that than they do about more recent things.” From this nostalgic spirit, Wardrobe Stories was born.

Priced at only £3, the show is equal parts a fundraiser and an awareness-raising exercise. On Friday 21st April at Holy Trinity Church on South Street, decades of fashion will come to life, modelled by a range of students from St Andrews and a local primary school. To adhere to the young ones’ bedtimes, the show will be an early one, taking place from 6.30 – 8.30.

The vintage theme will extend to the evening’s refreshments. Drinks such as cloudy lemonade will be available, alongside old fashioned cakes. A photographer will also be present to commemorate the evening.

Cheap, unique, and for a good cause, Wardrobe Stories is sure to be unmissable. Swing by the Holy Trinity Church on Friday evening for a chance at witnessing history in action.



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