Local Photographer Robbed on Holiday, Seeks Assistance

A prominent local photographer’s camera bag was stolen while in Barcelona.

On Tuesday 25 July, photographer Innes Graham was robbed whilst travelling in Barcelona, Spain. His camera bag, containing an assortment of cameras and gear, has yet to be recovered.

Graham constructed his collection over the course of several years, during which he has photographed a variety of local establishments. This includes the Madras Rugby Club and BlackHorn Burgers, the latter of whom owes their delicious Instagram to his photography skills. Graham has also photographed the local BMX scene extensively.

In the interest of supporting the arts, The Stand encourages any fellow photography enthusiasts to visit Graham’s Crowdfunder. Every donation will be of immeasurable assistance to BlackHorn’s resident food photographer.

Photo by Innes Graham



7 thoughts on “Local Photographer Robbed on Holiday, Seeks Assistance

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