What to Pack: Freshers’ Week Edition

Deputy fashion editor Zoe Spirgel advises on what to pack for uni.

Packing began with my mother screaming at me to “pick one” and myself desperately stuffing all of my possessions into a suitcase twice my size. Attempting to move my entire life overseas, I was confused, neurotic, and bewildered at how my 5′ 1″ self would haul this beast of a suitcase up the entirety of the St Salvator’s staircase to my new room. Although packing can be lightly seasoned with parental disagreements, this article will hopefully provide some clarity on the St Andrews must list.

To begin, I would like to address the weather, a critical factor when it comes to St Andrews fashion. Scotland is consistently rainy, cold, and damp. Bearing this in mind, I advise everyone to pack sweaters, jeans, wooly skirts, and tights. Layers are not only pragmatic, but fashion forward. The dress code and unofficial style of St Andrews is summed up as “smart causal,” meaning “cute without trying.” Most students come to lectures or go to the library looking very put together, sporting trendy yet practical everyday wear.

Photo: Ampersand Media

Despite this, the American college favourite of baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts should not be skipped in the suitcase tango. Although new students will be keen to make a good first impression and showcase their favourite clothes, don’t disregard the importance of comfortable clothing. It will be used even if only for sleeping purposes or for a lazy day in the flat. So don’t be shy or apprehensive to get a little crazy and throw in a pair of sweatpants or two.

Furthermore, many students (myself included) erroneously assume that they will not have use for interview clothes such as blazers, conservative dresses, skirts, or blouses. Take heed: Throughout your time at university, many of you will attend interviews for various positions, whether it be for a new job or a role in a society. It is critical to have the right clothes and to come to an interview prepared, prompt, and dressed for the position you would like to receive. Bringing at least one formal interview outfit is mandatory.

Photo: St Andrews Charity Fashion Show

For night time events, whether that be a casual flat party or a night out at the Union, students certainly bring it with the outfits. From slinky cocktail dresses to crop tops and high waisted jeans, nightlife at St Andrews is characterised by the unique outfit combinations that students create.

On the subject of evening outfits, it is pertinent we cover what to wear to balls. Balls are a huge part of student social life, occurring almost monthly. For boys, having a tux or a nice suit on hand is a must. While the men have it easy and can wear the same tux or suit to every event, the parade of dresses always serve as an obstacle for girls. Bringing a few versatile dresses, long and short, is a necessity for balls, formals, or even the occasional dinner party. A pro-tip would be to bring prior prom dresses, scan thrift stores before coming, or maybe purchase a little black dress that can be worn for any occasion.

Ultimately, St Andrews is an accepting and progressive community, where a variety of fashion thrives. From balls, to lectures, to library chic, students have fun with their outfits and enjoy expressing themselves. Pack smart and have a fantastic semester!



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