St Andrews Has Weird Events

Don’t try to explain.

A St Andrews student clearly misses out on a typical university experience while submerged in the Bubble. With only three streets and closest thing to a nightclub being the Union, it appears, to the naked eye, that what our town offers is very limited. When desperately insisting to your friends at home that your social life isn’t “dead,” the biggest challenge remains explaining the bizarre events that take place in this small town.

1. Varsity

A 150-year rivalry between the University of St Andrews and Edinburgh University takes the form of an annual rugby match at Murrayfield Stadium. Hundreds of students, alumni, and supporters head to Edinburgh on Saturdauy 23 September to prove their loyalty to St Andrews. Having held the title of reigning champion for the last four years, St Andrews is yet again determined to shine.

2. Raisin Weekend

The 6 am forced drinking and climactic foam fight is one of the hardest events to describe to friends back at home.  On Sunday 22 October, you’ll enjoy fun activities with your academic families; some can be more brutal than others, but all remains a mystery until the day. The next day, you’ll be dressed by your academic mum and given a ‘receipt’ by your academic dad, which you’ll have to carry to Lower College Lawn before becoming drenched in a foam fight.

3. May Dip

Riding yourself of academic sin by running naked into the North Sea as the sun rises is hard to explain. While it is your own choice to be clothed or not, students enjoy a whole night of “the sesh” beforehand, and beach campfires are abundant along East Sands. 

4. The Gaudie

Photo by Oli Walker, Tilted Frame Photography

This event run by the Kate Kennedy Club honours the St Andrews student John Honey with a torchlit pier walk. On 3 January 1800, Honey risked his life to save five members of a stricken vessel, a heroic act which led to his death. Usually celebrated in April, hundreds of students gather in their red gowns to keep Honey’s memory alive.

5. The Fashion Shows

With continuous fashion events all year round, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show easily trumps them all. Held for charity, FS and its contemporaries are popular among students who dress accordingly and sip champagne while their peers take the catwalk. Be warned – tickets are like gold dust in this town. 

6. KK Procession

Another event that emphasises the importance of the Kate Kennedy Club. Crowds line the streets as a parade that unveils the history of St Andrews, featuring members of the KKC and local residents dressed up as historical figures. 

Photo: Maria Faciolince

7. Sinners

One Wednesday night a month that celebrates all sports teams at the University. When asked how Sinners is better to a regular night at the Union, anyone’s reaction would be “it just is.” To elaborate: All sports teams dress up in various costumes, have massive socials, and bond the only way we know how – with alcohol. #GoSaints 

Sooner or later your friends at home will just learn to accept our traditions.



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