The Vic Unveils Refurbishment, New Menu

Prepare for a brand new social club.

Returning students may be met with some shock upon entering the Vic. The patchwork quilt of comics that once covered the walls has been painted over, replaced with an intricate series of doodles created by the aptly-named Mr Doodle. Seemingly random squiggles form, upon closer inspection, intricate reproductions of local St Andrews landmarks: the cathedral, the Swilcan Bridge, and many more monuments can be spotted within the black swirls.

The one-of-a-kind creation is one of several new features found in the recently refurbished Vic. The Social Club, in particular, has been completely refitted. Gone is the wall that separated the bar from a stunted seating area. Now, visitors can enjoy their drinks within booths, after queuing within a slightly more spacious bar area. The cocktail menu has been renovated, too, although the crowd favourite Strawberry Fizz retains a place of honour.

More notably, a brand new food menu has debuted, one that offers a healthier variety than its previous iteration. Vegan and gluten free options are abound, from breakfast (now served until 2 pm!) to lunch and dinner. Burger lovers need not be wary, as the menu possesses plenty of “pub food” options – shoutout to the “Game Changer” burger, featuring some delectable garlic aioli.

Freshers’ Week will offer plenty of opportunity to admire the Vic 2.0, beginning with Saturday’s annual Drinks With Strangers, and continuing with the classic Bring Your Own Vessel night on Monday and Sunday’s pub quiz.

At the very least, we can be grateful for that afternoon brunch offering.



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