Starfields 2017: Best Dressed

Our fashion and events editors recap the outfits of Starfields 2017.

On the final Saturday of Freshers’ week, the usual dull grey of St Salvador’s quad was transformed into a technicolour of pink, Hawaiian blue, rainbow and sparkles as students made their way to Starfields dressed for a Californian desert despite the rain and cold weather.

Glitter was rampant and girls were in summer dresses and crop tops. However, many refused to face the cold and found a practical way to incorporate festival attire into the Scottish weather through statement coats. Highlights included leopard print fur, a camo print Mickey Mouse jacket, and a majestic large sequined jacket which made the wearer seem like an intentional part of the Starfields decoration. Some ditched the bare legs for baggy printed jumpsuits, others for funky trousers: one cluster of girls were seen in identical yellow and black striped flares.

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The men of St Andrews embraced the vogue, and the common trend was bold printed shirts, and for many a smearing of war-paint style glitter on the cheeks. This is not to say the gentlemen did not impress. Printed pants, face paint, and headbands were also common additions for those who wanted to truly embrace the festival fashion. One particularly bold man was spotted wearing a pink bucket hat, a floral blue tunic over short pink trousers, and printed socks to match. Over this spectacular outfit he accessorised with a butterfly necklace.    

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Everyone knows you don’t wear your favourite shoes to a festival, and this was seen in the footwear of attendees. Most people opted for old sneakers, however there was an eye catching pair of purple boots – hopefully the owner of those knows a good cleaner as they did not deserve to die just yet. Some foolishly opted for flip-flops or sandals, perhaps to the dismay of their toes as the moshing and feet-standing escalated in line with the ever-growing drunkenness of the night.

In essence it became evident that much like the mood of the festival itself, the style at Starfields was a show of creativity, self-expression, and perhaps a few questionable choices.



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