PINK Sinners

‘CoppaFeel!’ is working with Sinners to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness month.

With the exclusive sports event, Sinners, on full speed ahead for tonight, many are searching for the perfect outfit to match a certain criterion: pink.

CoppaFeel!’ is a nationwide charity aiming to reduce the increasing rise in breast cancer. This is done by educating and reminding “every young person in the UK that checking their boobs isn’t only fun, it could save their life.” The charity has partnered with the student’s Union this week, in order to reach out to young people at St Andrews.


Monica, the society’s president outlined how the event is not about raising money for the charity, its main priority is about spreading “our message of breast cancer awareness and regular checking throughout St Andrews.” In effect, it will “hopefully get more students talking about breast cancer.”

Success for ‘CoppaFeel!’ will be shown by “how many people are more breast cancer aware and decide to check themselves more regularly (or even start checking themselves) after being made aware of our message.” In supporting this, the charity will be “handing out cards with the number to text for free monthly checking reminders on the night,” as well as provide volunteers who are available to talk to on the night.

Photo: University of St Andrews Dance Club

While Sinners may only last one night, some clubs are maximising their support for the charity. DanceSoc has been particularly successful in promoting the message of ‘CoppaFeel!’. Those attending their dance classes this week have been encouraged to wear pink, as well as donate any spare change. The club has also been particularly successful on social media; having posted pictures of the dressed-up dancers, and shared these photos around Facebook.

Niamh, a coordinator for the Charities Campaign, believes that this promotion will be very successful. She added that this popular event will not only “help a charity,” but while doing so, allow students to “have a good night” out.






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