Hugh Grant is NOT Banned from University Property

Cite your sources, people.

It’s an ancient rumour, as deeply instilled in St Andrews culture as May Dip or the Pier Walk. For as long as the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship has existed, so has the assumption that Hugh Grant is banned from all University property. The cause of the ban varies, but typically is attributed to sexual misconduct. Orgies in student halls, preying on fresher girls at the Union – whatever the story, each ends with a lifetime ban for Mr Grant.

The Stand can confirm that this ban is nonexistent. The University of St Andrews press office has informed us, in no uncertain terms, that “there is no truth in the rumour – it’s an urban myth.” 

… Whoops.

Although not participating in this year’s tournament, Mr Grant has performed admirably in past years. He cites his finest Dunhill memory as “an eagle two at the 10th hole on the Old Course in a round of three over par,” a sentence that I partially understand.

The 2017 tournament is bolstered by the presence of Jamie Dornan, Kelly Slater, and Niall Horan, among other big names – however none have incurred the gossip that surrounds Grant. While controversy will surely continue to swirl, we are happy to put this particular rumour to rest.

In other words: Yes, you can sign Hugh Grant into the Union.



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