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Hot Humans of Alfred Dunhill

I play Wii Golf, does that make us compatible?

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been within 5 metres of either a) a golf fan or b) a teenage girl that the Dunhill Links golf tournament is on. And while that makes our St Andrews golf teams very excited, I think there’s something at this tournament that everyone can enjoy. And that is some golf eye candy. Here is a list of some confirmed (and some rumoured) celebs who are playing at a golf course near you RIGHT NOW.

Niall Horan

If you haven’t heard of One Direction yet, how. Arguably the biggest boy band to ever grace the planet, we are #blessed to welcome the cute one, the nice one, and the smol one to St Andrews: Niall Horan. Also known as all mums’ favourite member, Niall Horan is just as talented on the course as he is on the pipes, apparently, having played caddy for Rory McIllroy and all.

Possible sightings: He’s Irish, so a pub would be best. Try Ham’s Hame Pub and Grill on Golf Place.

Kelly Rohrbach

Source: Instagram @KellyRohrbach

Sports Illustrated Model. Should I say more? With a golfing scholarship to Georgetown in one hand, and her Baywatch life-saving red board in the other, this blonde bombshell is playing that Old Course as well as she plays on your boyfriend’s heartstrings.

Possible sightings: Her ‘good vibes only’ Instagram bio suggests she’s into the healthy stuff, so you’ll probably find her at Zest or something. Zest is healthy, right?



Jamie Dornan

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Star of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, this guy has got hearts fluttering throughout St Andrews. Rich, successful, and a golfer, he is the husband you thought of when you applied to this university. Although yes, he’s technically married with two children, there’s no harm in dreaming, right?

Possible sightings: He is a man of taste (or at least Christian Grey is) so possible the Adamson or the Tayberry would be your best shot. Or who knows? Maybe he likes a cheeky nandos like the rest of us.



Imogen Barclay

Source: Mot Models

Imogen is a model and a sports presenter for Sky, and she will be here for the entire week covering the tournament. A keen golf and motorsports enthusiast, she is what you picture when a boy says he likes his girls ‘adventurous.’ The brunette hottie is often filming in and around the golf course – which, if you’d like to know, is free to walk around for the public 😉

Possible sightings: As “one of the lads,” I’m guessing she’ll head over to the Dunvegan Hotel for a pint after a particularly exhausting day filming. Offer her your chair if you are there, there’s never any free and she deserves it more than you (unless you live in DRA, then it’s debatable).


Justin Timberlake

is he even here???

A silent Instagram. A silent twitter. A silent facebook. Is he even here? Friends of friends of friends of friends say they served him at the Old Course Hotel, or that they saw him at Ma Bells, or that he’s booked the entire Rufflets hotel just for himself. But really, we just don’t know. Send in pics if you have found him, along with geographic coordinates pls.

Possible sightings: ?????



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