House of Horror Promises to Fulfil Your Wildest Nightmares

The sold-out Halloween event will return after ILW.

People associate the early 1900s with many things – segregation, malaria, and the invention of electricity, to name but a few highlights. On Tuesday 31 October, the House of Horror Charity Gala intends to resurrect the most appealing aspect of the century’s turn: amusement parks. Specifically, Dreamland.

Founded in 1904, Dreamland contained all the typical carnival attractions, from roller coasters to incubator babies. In 1911, an accidental fire led to the park’s grisly demise, the result of a technical failure from the ironically-named Hell Gate. Just over a century later, Dreamland is due to arrive at Kinkell Byre.

Photo: Marcella Denby

Theme aside, the event has already made history with its array of food vendors. Dervish will be peddling their wares, alongside Kinkell veteran the Cheesy Toast Shack. Guests will be able to purchase tokens that grant them servings of carnival treats, such as candy floss and alcoholic slushies. And being a Halloween event, each ticket guarantees all-you-can-eat candy.

The event is being held in support of Impact Arts, one of Scotland’s leading community arts charities. Costumes are, naturally, encouraged.



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