Top 5 Things to Do This Week

It’s November 🙁

1. EPRG Applications Due

We’re all desperate for a CV boost. EPRG gives all the budding McKinsey analysts a chance at consulting businesses, alongside fellow St Andrews students.

2. St Andrews Vintage Kilo Sale

Bring a big bag and plenty of cash. Fans of retro clothing can stock up by the kilo at the semester’s second vintage-themed clothing event.


Not going to Welly Ball? Go to the Union instead.

4. Welly Ball 2017

The sold out ball is held annually to celebrate the St Andrews Challenge, a nationally-attended clay pigeon shoot organised by our clay club. Wear wellies, obviously.

5. Write an Essay

Is anything else even happening this week?



10 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to Do This Week

  1. Is anything else even happening this week? Yes. Yes it is. On Wednesday you could support any one of the many sporting teams that are playing at home this week. For instance, the Men’s Football 5s V 6s derby is being played under the lights on the rubbercrumb on Wednesday at 4pm. The football and cheerleading clubs are also hosting a Naked Attraction event on Wednesday evening at Rascals which is sure to sell out.

    Next time you’re writing one of these articles, I suggest you do your research.

  2. I am genuinely struggling to work out whether the ‘editor’ actually lives in St Andrews and if they do certainly has no understand of what occurs at this university. Writing an essay is certainly an important part of being a student at the university, but when reading articles about things to do we do not need to be of our impending deadlines, instead give us a look forward to doing this week. Please do your research or, preferably, resign.

  3. Having seen a number of these lists before, I have to say this is one of the worst and narrow-minded articles I’ve ever read. If your ‘writers’ can’t even think of a 5th activity for this week the publication should cease to exist.
    There are plenty of sports matches happening at the university sports centre this week, ranging from big men’s football derbies to women’s hockey. In the evening, the cheerleading club are hosting an event at rascals in the theme of naked attraction, which is open to everyone and should be good fun.

    Please put more thought into your future articles and aim to inform students of activities they may be interested in. After all, it is your job.

    All the best.

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