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House of Horror Was a Candy-Filled Dreamland

Dreamland, more like Candyland.

Last year, House of Horror emerged from the mass grave of forgotten St Andrews events. A modest success, the resurrection served to reestablish the charity gala’s brand presence, setting the stage for a much larger show to come. This year, the Halloween-themed bash unveiled its full potential, revealing a sold-out horror extravaganza that could only be described as frighteningly delicious.

While the Vic, Union, and Rule offered acceptably spooky interpretations of Halloween, nothing matched the pure scale of House of Horror. Hundreds of costume-clad students mobbed the La Bamba-esque fairground ride, guzzling alcoholic slushees in between shots of vodka and Boost. Outfits varied; however, the staple “generic clothes with fake blood” and “minidress with animal ears” remained popular sights.

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If blood shots failed to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, guests need only continue to the candy bar – a veritable oasis stocked with every type of candy imaginable. Here, even the emptiest stomach met its match, as the bar had no apparent end in sight. Just around the corner, Dervish made its first Kinkell appearance in recent memory, providing some town centre comforts in an otherwise ghostly setting.

While the bars and Dervish were both cash only, extra treats could be obtained using a pre-purchased token system. This minimised queuing for the more popular items, such as slushees and candy floss, permitting guests a prompt return to the dancefloor.

Photo: Lightbox Creative

In a week dotted with house parties and club nights, House of Horror easily assumed the position of St Andrews’ premier Halloween event. We may now anticipate next year’s sinister affair, safe in the knowledge that both feet are firmly out of the grave.



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