Glossier: Why You Should Give a Sh*T

Get that winter glow!

In a world with seemingly infinite choices, especially surrounding beauty and fashion, it seems like breaking through all the clutter would be impossible. Glossier, however, has taken this challenge, and run with it. A company founded on the idea that effortless skin and makeup really can be effortless, not hours in front of the mirror reshaping your cheekbones (although that is also a great look). We have seen the Kardashian Kontour Kits and the countless Instagram bloggers layering foundation, bronzer, and highlighter onto their faces, and while this is an amazing look, sometimes you just want to look a little more natural. That’s where Glossier comes in. It’s makeup that covers all the simple basics and is stuff you can use day to day.  As someone who is obsessed with beauty products, and tried shelves and shelves of them, I found it effortless to incorporate their products into my beauty routine.

Being a full-time student, finding a makeup that covers that “I was at the library till 2am working on this essay but I’m going to play like I’m not tired” look is an uphill battle. When I discovered Glossier, boy did the streets of St Andrews get a little treat. Instead of emerging from my house, with a foundation that was cakey, or a lip shade that just wasn’t right, I emerged a diva, the real star of the Buchanan lecture theatre.

Photo: Pexels

Some days I truly need to paint another face onto my face, but the new Glossier line is perfect for giving you that beautiful simple kind of glow. I do wish their shade range was wider than the three they offer, but hopefully as the company grows so will the product line. Some of my favourite products are the universal balms, cheekily named “Balm Dot Com.” The best flavour is cherry, primarily because it gives the perfect berry sheen for practically any occasion. You could wear it to tutorials or to Christmas Ball. The last item I tried was their cream blush, otherwise known as “cloud paint.” It’s incredibly pigmented, so just a drop will do (you don’t want to be looking like the Joker of South Street). It blends so evenly into your skin that it gives you a natural flush.

As university students, we should all do our part to be politically aware. If you aren’t tempted by the fantastic products, Glossier is the true definition of a feminist enterprise: company run by women for women. Emily Weiss, Glossier’s CEO and perhaps the chicest and smartest girlboss around, is part of a new crop of young female bosses taking the digital landscape by storm. This is the type of CEO we need to look up to; someone who is young and thriving and has worked hard to make their dreams a reality. It can seem a little daunting to look at the job market and feel immediately less than due to the insane competition, but taking inspo from Emily creates an example of someone who has taken perhaps a road less traveled by and seen massive success. St Andrews allows it’s students to show this kind of entrepreneurial spirit in a multitude of ways, and who knows, maybe one of the ideas that we create here could become the next big thing!

Photo: Pexels

Most of her company’s roles are taken by women, who are invested in creating products that they know other women will love. The campaign for their new body gel and body lotion called “Body Hero” features women of all different body shapes and skin tones. This sense of inclusivity is exactly what we need to incorporate into the beauty scene. As conscious university consumers, we all want to be operating at a level of heightened awareness about who is making our products and what our participation in buying them means to the world. This is a company that I believe is leading the beauty industry toward genuine progress in a myriad of ways. So not only can you look amazing, but know that you are supporting a company that is killin’ it for all the right reasons. And the best news is: THEY ARE FINALLY SHIPPING IN THE UK (they just launched here this month)!!! So go and get it girl!



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