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The Hunter Takeover of Welly Ball

Are Hunter boots the only acceptable footwear at Welly Ball?

With the many balls and formal events that St Andrews has scattered throughout the year, it can be hard to determine which ones are actually worth going to. Welly Ball is one of the more talked about events of the year, therefore worth looking into. The event has two parts; the actual dinner, and the after party. Both are black tie in the true spirit of St Andrews nightlife. The upheaval and stress of buying a dress, getting a ticket, and THEN attempting to fine clean rain boots is pretty substantial. To add to the stress, the actual dinner doesn’t have many seats available. If you are not part of a club that has purchased a table, it is nearly impossible to get a ticket. Therefore, most people attend the after party.

This year the event will be hosted at Kinkell Byre (a much different vibe than House of Horror for sure). The dress code states “black tie and wellies.” Now, in the fashion world those two things are quite contradictory. When I think of black tie, the first thing that comes to mind is a fancy dress and heels. For Welly Ball, that statement is only 50% true. If you are going to Welly Ball, it is assumed that you are wearing wellies.

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However, there is always a fine line though between “suggested dress code” and “strict dress code,” and with Welly Ball this could be interesting to play around with. This will most likely be the only black tie event that you attend where you would stand out more in heels than wellies. That being the case, it seems obvious that one would want to wear wellies to an event that could potentially go from 6:30pm-2am.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone that could last that long in 4inch heels without blood and tears being shed (regardless of how drunk you are). So then there’s the question of what kind of wellies to wear. Mine are currently stuffed in the corner of my room covered in sand and dirt from walking on East Sands, so wearing them with my newly dry cleaned dress makes me nervous to say the least.

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My problem is not whether I should wear wellies, as the idea of not ripping apart my feet sounds like an amazing idea, but rather, how to not be wearing the exact same boots as legitimately everyone else. Hunter boots may have officially monopolized the rain boot market. I cannot go a single rainy day without seeing at least a dozen people wearing them. St Andrews is a free advertisement for Hunter. Hunter should honestly consider doing an ad campaign at Welly Ball- it would be a no brainer. Now you may be wondering how to make it through the event without matching boots with about twenty other people, but frankly that might not be possible and you’ll just have to deal.



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