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How to Shop for the Winter in St Andrews

It’s puffy jacket season, ladies!

It’s official, winter is here. The days are turning into nights, leaves are changing colours, professors are assigning more essays, and the pandemonium to find tickets to the Christmas Ball has come and rapidly gone. But there’s one more thing this frigid and festive season brings: shopping. There are essentials to every winter outfit seen on the cobbled streets of St Andrews; a thick scarf, a knitted hat, and cute Chelsea boots are among the few, but nothing is more vital than an oversized winter coat.

For students who can afford to splurge on a coat, St Andrews has the perfect stores. Stop in and check out the winter wear coats and jumpers section at the Jack Wills on Bell Street. Their clothing, like the beautiful Chepmel Overcoat that once graced the store’s window display, is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a casual walk to your lecture or a fashionable night out at the Vic. If you don’t fancy Jack Wills, try Caledonia Countrywear (CCW) on Market Street. They offer a wide variety of brands such as Barbour, North Face, Aigle, Patagonia, and many more. Their clothes are incredibly versatile, and hey, maybe you’ll come out with a pair of matching boots too!

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Now, it’s understandable that for some students this point in the semester budgeting is more important than buying, but don’t let that stop you! You don’t need to be a fashion guru to find affordable, quality clothing. While St Andrews is known for being expensive, there are still stores that won’t give you a heart attack by looking at the price tags. If you want a cute and comfortable winter coat, H&M is the perfect place. Not only does it cost considerably less than some stores in town, but there is, without a doubt, something for everyone on its racks.

However, for those of you who are leaning more towards function rather than fashion, try Superdry’s new “This is The Jacket” clothing line. While the brand is still stylish, their larger jackets are directed toward everyday use.

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And, if you’re searching for something even cheaper, venture to one of the many charity shops in town, such as Oxfam, Salvation Army, and Sue Ryder, or the vintage market located off of Church Street. The items are of great quality and you never know what you’ll find!

So, as the cold gusts move into our small coastal Fife town, get excited to shop because there is no such thing as too many winter coats. While St Andrews might be small, there’s always an opportunity to expand your winter wardrobe. Go to the stores that are right for your budget and buy winter apparel that will make you feel like the most stylish person this season! So don’t forget to look great and stay cozy!



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