The Music of Szentek

Collaborate and listen.

Building on the success of last year’s Szentek, eclectic decor was displayed and entrancing music provided on the main dancefloor of Kinkell and in Room 2. A combination of local and international DJs kept guests in the zone for the duration of this unique night.

The techno scene in St Andrews has been growing over the last few years and Szentek is the epitome of this new-found culture. The event, especially due to the non-black tie dress code, encouraged an atmosphere of self-expression, with Will Abell having advised students to “stay movable for having a jive”. More importantly, the music produced a night more similar to a rave than a bog-standard St Andrews night, resulting in attendees braving their waviest dance moves – a refreshing contrast to the usual attempts to play it cool on the dancefloor before hesitantly approaching the object of one’s desires…

The dancefloor at Szentek was no place to converse with other students – the music put the majority of the crowd into a hypnotic state, taking full control of mind and body. The student performers consisted of Content, Max Dupa, and Reclude, all successfully providing a much needed change from the typical, mainstream music played at the majority of events hosted in St Andrews.

Splitting the music between two areas proved effective as the venue began to fill up – this decision meant that students could select the vibe that suited them best whilst also preventing overcrowding on the dancefloor. Damiano von Erckert charmed us with an impressive set packed with soulful house music – even the poor quality audio from Snapchat uploads the next morning were capable of producing an eargasm.

Szentek’s headliner, Palms Trax, brought a similarly funky vibe. Famous on the Berlin scene, there was expectation that his set would be a little heavier, but the crowd was left dancing all the way until the end to some cheeky tracks. The atmosphere was accentuated by the installations made by Szentek’s artistic team, with an omnipresent psychedelic walrus watching over the dancing masses. The cordoned off cinema section provided a restful space for those wanting to take a break, and the music combined with Attenborough’s visuals was a feast for the eyes and ears.

Overall, Szentek stands out as an event owing to the combination of various mediums of art; paintings, sculptures, cinema and of course some banging tunes. There is a lot to look forward to next year. In only its second year, Szentek delivered a night beyond the expectations of a typical St Andrews event, satisfying the cravings for a more niche music scene that so many of us wish was more popular in town.



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