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Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Welcome back, friends and enemies!


I literally don’t know what this is, but it looks cool.

2. BYOV @ the Vic

It’s a Freshers’ and Refreshers’ Week staple. Break out the shoes, mugs, traffic cones, and pots for a Monday night of messy, veselly fun.

3. Mabells Tuesdays: Armageddon

After a floundering first semester, the tiny pub on the Scores is trying to make a comeback.

4. Thistly Fest 2018

Running all week at the BrewCo, expect Thistly-based cocktails galore at this celebration of all things sweet and fizzy.

5. Super Bowl LII

We all hate Americans, but they do know how to throw a good sporting event. The Union will be showing Sunday’s Superbowl, for all fans of American Football and Tom Brady’s face.



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