How To Super Bowl in St Andrews

Or: How to be American for a day and eat wings at 2am with strangers

For those of you who aren’t American or haven’t met an American at St Andrews yet (how?), the NFL Super Bowl LII is on THIS WEEKEND (Sunday night, if you want to be specific). The Super Bowl is the annual championship game for the American Football League – just like the FA cup finals for the English Premier League, the Grand Final for Australian Rules Football, or the Final Rose Ceremony for The Bachelor. It’s kind of a big deal. Over 111.3 million Americans tuned in last year to watch, with countless others watching in dimly lit sports bars around the world.

So if you’re looking for your own dimly lit sports bar to watch the Super Bowl in this year, or if you’re looking for something to do in the early hours of Sunday morning, then look no further! For I have comprised a little Who, What, Where, Why, How guide to watching the Super Bowl in St Andrews.

Photo: New Haven Register


Seriously? I just told you.


The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Patriots are the favourite to win, coming to the 2018 Super Bowl as defending champions. With already 5 Super Bowl titles to their name (all under 65-year-old head coach Bill Belichick and with the aide of star player “can’t believe he is 40” Tom Brady) as well as a record of 13-3 for the 2017 season and second most points scored. Ladbrokes’ betting odds for a Patriot victory are 1/2 compared to the Eagles’ 17/10. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl – their most recent appearance was in 2004 when they lost to… haha… the Patriots. BUT having come back from a losing record in the previous season (7-9 in 2016 to also 13-3 for 2017) and only scoring one point less than the Patriot’s 458 in 2017, it looks like it’ll be a close match.


Let’s be real: if you like winning things, go for the Patriots. They are the Man U, the Real Madrid, the Chelsea of the NFL. They are the safe bet if you’re a fan of being boring and general excellence. But if you want to risk a broken heart, root for the Eagles. Just by virtue of being a team of underdogs heading to the game they will be “winning” in a Charlie Sheen-way, but probably not in a Super Bowl LII Champions way.

Photo: Tablet Mag


Of course, you could be boring and watch it at home on your laptop. The easiest way to do that will be by tuning into BBC One at 11.15pm on Sunday, or watching their coverage on BBC iPlayer or the BBC Sport app. Otherwise, if you’re feeling a bit posh, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Mix are also showing the game from 10pm. The other option is to purchase an NFL GamePass for 15 pounds, which includes coverage of the halftime show (with Timberlake possibly causing another wardrobe malfunction), as well as the US adverts (the best bit) and US panel pre-game and half-time discussions.

Otherwise, you could go out and watch it with a bunch of strangers!


Obviously your flamates, friends, or halls could be having a private screening, so it’s worth asking around if you want to watch the game with just your friends. But if you’re wanting a more sportsy, friendly, We’re All In This Together-y event that can only come with cheering and cursing at professional sports people with strangers, then there are plenty of options. For one, Sandy’s Bar at the Union are screening the game from 11:30pm with cheap eats and drinks available for purchase. Otherwise, Dunvegan Hotel near the golf course is open late to show the game in full if you’re looking to watch it in a more traditional sports bar setting.

The Vic is also showing the game on their big screen for 5 pound entry, with plenty of beers, nachos, wings and onion rings to share with your mates.


Idk could be fun.

Photo: Pats Pulpit



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