valentine’s day dates but they’re sports

Because total jocks can be romantic, too

Scratching your head for cute Valentine’s date ideas that combine your love of both sports and whimsical holidays? Well then scratch no longer, for this article is the aloe vera soothing lotion you were aching for. Here are 4 romantic-ish, funny-ish, and sporty-ish activities you can do with a special someone this Wednesday! (and one night out for you singletons out there too) (i haven’t forgotten about you my loves)

Horseback Riding

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we’re on a horse        Source: Deseret News


A great way to combine your partner’s love of animals (because if they didn’t like animals, you wouldn’t be dating of course) with a fun activity that requires minimal effort on your behalf can be found right around the corner at Craigrothie – horseback riding. Barbarafield Riding School has your romantic day out sorted, offering 1 hour walks through the nearby hills and woods for beginners at 30 pounds each, with cheaper rates for experienced riders. So if your girl’s got a thing for cowboys, that guy from the Old Spice ads, or just simply the novelty of being locomotive while sitting, get her down to Craighrothie ASAP! Wherever it is! Near Cupar apparently?

Ice Skating

Blades of Glory lift
This could be us but u playin Source: Wow247

Or if she’s more into Harry Styles’ arm-breaking date-ruining in the Night Changes music video, strap on some skates and try not to cut someone’s leg at Dundee Ice Arena this Wednesday. With plenty of opportunities to get intimate by catching her when she falls and helping her stand up on those slippery ice gliders, as well as opporunities to be embarrassed as she does rings around you, ice skating could be pretty cute, actually. With skate hire and rink entry potentially costing less than a fiver, it’s a pretty affordable day out. And who knows? Maybe this date could be he most romantic concussion you’ll ever get.

Couples Tennis

Some say the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach, but I like to think it’s through humiliating them by winning a game of tennis in straight sets. So if you agree, or don’t but like the tennis part of what I just said, then St Andrews Tennis Club can help you out. Located behind the bus station and just off Doubledykes Road, the club has tennis courts for hire for as little as 3 pounds for an hour with no need for advance bookings – perfect if you forgot all about Valentine’s day. Raquets and tennis balls are also available to rent if you don’t have your own.

Bike Riding

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they see me rollin Source: Tumblr

If your date is new to town, there are two things you can do. One is ridicule them. The second is hire bikes and help them explore the all the back lanes, medieval ruins and creepy alleys this town has to offer. Cyclepath offers whole day bike rentals for 20 pounds, and can deliver the bike straight to your door if you’re lazy enough to not go into town to collect it yourself but not lazy enough to skip bike riding altogether. Although I can’t find any tandem bikes on their website, I guess individual bikes can still be cute. Just a word of warning – the Fife Coastal Bike Path sounds way more pretty and legit than it is. I still have nightmares of being stranded in that god damn paddock in the middle of nowhere. Fellow Fife Coastal Path survivors know what’s up


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If you’re a single pringle who is ready to mingle, there is still something in town for you this V-Day! The University of St Andrews Netball Club are hosting a club night at 601 in support of PAPYRUS – a youth suicide prevention charity. Only tickets purchased in advance go to the charity, so if you’re keen purchase your tickets soon. And for only 2 pounds a ticket, who needs love to have fun on Valentine’s Day, right? Right?



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