What’s that? A hat?

Why hats are the cure to your winter woes…

The Accessory Worth Investing in in order to survive the rest of the winter: a hat!


With a wide scope of international students, St. Andrews welcomes back students from all continents as second semester begins.  Not all students are used to winter in Scotland, evidenced through their egregious fashion decisions (shorts in the winter are still not in).  Although our precious bubble rarely gets snow, the need to bundle up forever prevails. Considering we attend university  on the North Sea, the wind that circulates through the town is strong enough to knock a sturdy St Andrews rugby player on their bum. Why I ever waste my time blow-drying my hair, honestly escapes my realm of consciousness.

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Fittingly, the wind is so strong that not even a Canada Goose hood can stay put. Therefore, the solution of the winter hat arises. Luckily for us, winter hats are hitting ever low prices while everywhere but St Andrews prepares for warmer weather. Take a chance and invest in the gift that never stops giving. As always, ASOS swoops in with the illustrious win: winter hats start at six pounds (that’s about a dervish pizza… and lets be real, that purchase will be one you won’t regret). However, that is far from the only option. If you are willing to fully embrace all things Scotland, Johnsons of Elgin has winter hats made of cashmere and therefore will keep you as warm as you can realistically be in February in Scotland.

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While the Scottish classic knitted hat is always an acceptable option, this hat is far from the only style. Channeling your inner French girl, a beret could be the accessory that quite literally blows you away. This simple accessory can transform your outfit and is more than acceptable to wear inside as well. Going as St Andrews nights out can quickly do, from classy to trashy, you can be bold and take a detour from the French chic to the hungover in Buchanan staple: a baseball cap and a forced smile.

The rise of athleisure has resulted in it being more than appropriate to wear a baseball hat and not be accused of coming from the gym. Although, if you’re looking for a slightly more fashionably relevant and trendy option, the baker boy hat has been frequently spotted on celebrities (I mean Bella Hadid wears them so that’s all the validation you really need right?) and proves to be the perfect combination of edgy and chic. My advice: buy it before its basic. In conclusion, there is nothing you can do about the weather, so you may as well accept defeat and do the only thing you can: buy a hat (duh).



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