What to Wear: 2018 Edition

What’s in? What’s out?

With every new season comes fresh predictions on up and coming fashion trends, which will move from runways to high streets. The predictions range from practical to eccentric and to downright wacky, but there are a few that stand out and could be worked right into the wardrobe of any St Andrews student. Here are the trends for the new year that will ensure fashion and function.

AMERICANA- Seen primarily on the runways of Raf Simons, the triad of red, white and blue works perfectly for a university town where a third of the students’ hail from the United States. Even if you’re not American, one can still partake in the energetic colours, or simply choose between stars and stripes. The semester ends long before the fourth of July, but that’s no reason not to incorporate loud prints or colour to brighten up the winter.

Photo: Pxhere

ANORAKS – Practical outerwear made many appearances in an extensive range of colours. Designers have begun taking into consideration the rain and wind that dominate the British Spring. The anorak  is ideal for layering over jumpers and less practical outerwear like a leather jacket. The trend is easily adaptable, through a simple black raincoat for those who favour practicality, or alternatively seek a fluorescent yellow parka for channelling Paddington bear vibes.

Photo: Pxhere

FRINGE – Across the radar there is a love for fringe this season, in a multitude of fabrics, lengths and shine value. Although the trend is sometimes considered a little overdone considering its association with festivals, this season sees an update in the look, from floor length t-shirt dresses to Rihanna worthy knee-high boots. Consider this look for a ball or perhaps Valentine’s Day. It could be through something small like tassel earrings, or dangling from a clutch bag or much bigger, with a 1920s style flapper dress.

Photo: Pxhere

SHEER – As staple clothing item to every university student, mesh tops are here to stay, whether yours be plain, sparkly or adorned in embroidered flowers. See-through fabrics have cropped up in the form of skirts, trousers and even full length gowns that manage to remain sophisticated with a tactical slip dress. For those slightly less daring, a strip of sheer down the leg of a pant can provide the allure while still feeling secure. Additionally, the frequent use of pastel sheer on the runway shows that it’s a look to be worn to lectures as well as on a night out.

Photo: Flickr

MULTIPLE BAGS – Karl Lagerfeld had his models scurrying down the runway holding multiple bags and totes. This style was made for the university student, and will surely bring an end to precariously balancing a laptop and Tesco shopping bags on the walk home. Be it canvas or plastic that compliments your backpack, it is on trend to be juggling multiple carriers at once.

Photo: Public Domain

OVERSIZED JEWELLERY – The cold of a Scottish winter often means being wrapped up in the same coat, set of jumpers and assortment of jeans. Accessories give the chance to add a pop of colour or glam to an otherwise basic and interchangeable outfit. Whether it be large hoop earrings or oversized sunglasses, taking a ‘bigger is better’ attitude can really elevate a look.

Photo: Flickr

FUNKY SOCKS- Often overlooked within an outfit, Pinterest reported that saves for sheer, patterned and embroidered socks went up by 72% for the new year. Whether they be on show with a pair of simple trainers or hidden underneath boots, socks are key to comfort and warmth. Now they have the additional appeal of tying a look together, with perhaps a subtle stitched phrase on the ankle or themed socks for upcoming holidays.

Photo: Flickr

Hopefully these trends have been helpful in drumming up inspiration for the new semester. Whether you take the plunge and strut down Market Street in head-to-toe fringe or simply feel chic in your Paddington coat, stay warm this winter in trends that will adapt easily to the Spring season. The couture looks we see on the runway can often seem out of touch with our everyday style, but as Miranda so cleverly puts in the Devil Wears Prada, there is a “trickle-down effect” in fashion that will be seen on the streets of St Andrews this Spring. Also, if there is any doubt, remember that florals for Spring are ground-breaking.





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