Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentines Day

A low down of the sexiest foods on the block.

Valentines day is fast approaching, and many of us will be planning romantic evenings in with our loved ones. (We say its because we love the intimacy provided by our homes, but really its because we can’t afford to eat out.) So, what foods should you be getting in in order to make your evening extra steamy?


Everyone’s favourite lunchtime innuendo will keep you full of energy (wink wink), but they also have properties which are believed to increase a man’s sex drive.


Vanilla’s scent has a calming effect, and relaxation is super important if you want to enjoy your night


They’re everyone’s favourite fruit for a reason. Their heart shape is über romantic, but they are also full of vitamin C, which is important in the production of sex hormones.


They are high in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation, and thus increase blood flow around the body. However, choking whilst you try to knot the stem with your tongue will definitely kill the mood, so consume carefully.

Red Wine

Red wine also helps to increase blood flow due to it’s antioxidants, making it an essential part of every romantic meal.


Chocolate stimulates oxytocin, a hormone for relaxation and happiness. It’s also released during orgasm, so if you’re on your own this v-day, you are completely justified on gorging yourself on the stuff.



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