The Doll’s House: A Taste of Elegance

We review the Doll’s House’s new menu.

Located a stone’s throw from Hamish the Cat, the Doll’s House brims with all the sentimentality that its name implies. While spacious, the main dining room cuts an intimate figure, encased by wood and stone walls and heavy, homely curtains. Guests nestle in corner booths, separated from the crowd yet united with the general warmth of the atmosphere. Since its refurbishment and menu update, the Doll’s House has become a hub for unpretentious dining. The cosy eatery is characterised by a rustic elegance, simultaneously familial and romantic, ideal for a casual lunch or relaxed dinner.

The lunch crowd will gravitate towards the market menu, updated weekly to best utilise seasonal produce. Regardless of fare, the menu ranges from £9.95 for two courses to £12.95 for three.

Dinner offers similarly priced items, albeit with greater variety than the limited market menu. This reviewer can recommend the ribeye steak, served with a delectable brandy and green peppercorn sauce. A more veggie-inclined individual may prefer the spinach, lentil and vegetable pie. In either case, the bitter chocolate brownie excels as a dessert choice, particularly when paired with a crème brûlée martini or chocolate old fashioned.

As in any dining experience, our surroundings contributed to our enjoyment of the meal. Across its two floors, the Doll’s House is marked by a constantly convivial atmosphere. Friendly staff, pleasant decorations, and beautifully presented plates all improved upon the already satisfactory food. Particularly with Valentine’s Day approaching, the Doll’s House is unquestionably the hidden gem of Church Square.



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