Photo: St Andrews Charity Fashion Show

Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Fashun show.


February 13th marks the annually anticipated pancake day – otherwise known as the reason Nutella is discounted at Tesco.

2. Hot or Not Curry Tasting

The day after Valentine’s, gorge yourself on a tasting platter of curry at town favourite Jahangir.

3. DRAG Walk 2018

It’s not quite FS, but DRAG Walk will send your weave into outer space. Expect queens, screams, and thrills at this celebration of individualism.

4. Mammacita New Menu Launch

We love tapas and margaritas. Word on the street is, they’ll be getting a makeover this Wednesday. We’ll be the ones in a corner covered in tequila and guac.

5. The 2018 St Andrews Charity Fashion Show

Be honest, this is what you came (to St Andrews) for. Get excited.



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