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Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Bop to the Top.

1. Cooking Class Signups

Fine Food & Dining Society has released its lineup of semesterly cooking classes. Learn how to bake with the best of them.

2. Indian Food Night

RASA and the British Red Cross are hosting a curry night in support of charity. Nice!

3. Six Nations Begins

The Superbowl is ancient history. The greatest sporting event in the world kicks off this Saturday, with various bars around town (including the student-favourite Vic) hosting viewing sessions.

4. Rewind Bop

It’s a throwback! Get groovy at the Union with some funky, nostalgic tunes.

5. ???

I know people got all weepy the last time I did this. But is there anything else even happening this week? Is there??? I have no friends. Someone go to the Bop with me.



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