Raise a Stein to the St Andrews Charity Oktoberfest

4000 steins, to be precise.

Despite the remnants of snow and constant gale of wind, the beginning of March marks a turning point in St Andrean behaviour. Bare legs and shorts emerge as early morning garden parties rage across town – all in anticipation of the St Andrews Charity Oktoberfest. The event is defined in large part by its unique dress code: Bavarian, meaning traditional dirndls and lederhosen.

Costumed guests will feel at home once arriving at Kinkell Byre, which is annually transformed into a bustling beer hall. Picnic tables and food stalls, Stoabach Buam and steins brimming with beer, all unite to create a genuinely German experience. The beer, in particular, embodies the spirit of the event. All five thousand litres of Paulaner are specially imported from Munich, and every purchase directly supports the Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia’s lodge fund.

The St Andrews Oktoberfest is a longtime supporter of TCCL. Last year the event raised £18,500, covering the majority of the lodge’s £20,000 operating costs. The lodge allows children with cancer to spend time with their families in comforting surroundings.

Per usual, the beer bar will operate via a token system. Guests will purchase tokens in cash from a nearby stall, and can then redeem those tokens for a litre each at the main bar. This system eliminates excessive queuing – in addition to reducing the dangers of dropping any loose change! At £5 per litre, the bar is approximately half the price of the Munich-based Oktoberfest. Fuchsmajor Florian Gemmingen assures us that the beer will be served at precisely 2 degrees Celsius, reputably the optimal serving temperature for beer.

For guests who prefer hard liquor, Jaegermeister will once again be sponsoring the event. Shots shall be served in ample supply at a fully stocked spirits bar. Combined with the presence of authentic German food vendors and five hundred international guests, the electrifying atmosphere of Oktoberfest cannot be denied. Beginning with brunch and lasting late into the night, every guest can consider themselves transported to Munich for glorious day.

La Bamba will, as always, be on hand to infuse a delightfully St Andrean flavour into the Bavarian festival. Food vendors On the Roll, King Boar and the Food Truck will also provide delicious, stomach-lining fare throughout the day. 



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