Bacchanalia: A Preview

Kirsten Scott on what to expect at Bacchanalia.

Bacchanalia is back, and this time it’s reimagined.

It is perhaps cliché to suggest it, but Bacchanalia really is set to be a night like no other in St Andrews. The ticket price alone is enough to prove it, and to make you breathe a large sigh of relief. A ball for sixteen pounds. It seems absurd, it seems like a breath of fresh air, but more than that; it seems right.

On the 9th of March you’ll forget the limits of the bubble ever existed as you are submerged in a carnival of the arts, giving us a much needed glimpse into the full artistic potential of St Andrews.

More conventional acts will range from jazz to pop to DJ’s (all sourced from St Andrews itself) with life drawing, fortune telling and a curious ‘sensory experience’ set to accompany them. In other words, it is set to fulfil its promises of a night of drunken revelry and ritual madness.

The dress code is fancy yet free, similar to black tie, but think black tie breaking the rules. This year there is a focus on black and gold colours and geometric vibes and as always, you are encouraged to dabble in both the adventurous and outrageous, to note that there is no such thing as too over the top.

Photo: Concrete Catwalk St Andrews

You will be greeted on the door with a whiskey provided by the local Kingsbarns distillery as you are welcomed in to enjoy the wealth of creativity in St Andrews, something that organisers believe to be truly worth commemorating.

So leap for the chance to celebrate inclusivity, creativity and timelessness with Bacchanalia. If you attend one ball this year, make it this one. For you aren’t merely coming to attend this event, you are coming to experience all that the arts has to offer.

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