The Event That Is Finally Getting Me Excited About Exercising

I am ready to LUTN in #MyLumsdens! Are you?

Light Up The Night, the small but mighty event organized by the Lumsden Club is just around the corner. Now let me give you a comprehensive list of just why #LUTN is mighty, and worth your time.

  1. A Running Event That Isn’t Necessarily About Running

The beauty of Light Up The Night is this: you have the option of buying a running ticket, and participating in the 5K run along the scenic West Sands Road… or not. The alternative option, is to buy a spectator ticket and hang out at the “HQ” which will host food trucks, face painting DJs, and dancing. The two options are by no means isolated. Although the ticket types are different, the mood is the same. Runners are encouraged to run, walk, dance, or everything in between, and spectators to become hypemen. Light Up The Night is a  ~feeling~, and it can be whatever you make of it.

2. A Running Event That Inspires A Shopping Spree

Since its conception, the creative vision for Light Up The Night has been a combination of 1980s nostalgia and lots of glitter. The initial Polaroid photoshoot which launched the slogan, “I LUTN in #MyLumsdens”, left me with questions about what the event actually was, but made me certain I could get on board with the vibe. The visuals for LUTN recently culminated in this truly phenomenal film directed by Tom Oldrige. But what does all this edgy Lumsden content mean for the Light Up The Night ticket holder? It means the days of boring athletic wear are over! No longer shall you run in the sweatshirt with the hole in it! Down with the sweatpants you wear on Sunday evenings! Throw on some neon headbands, some metallic leggings, maybe even fun socks if you’re feeling extra frisky. Dig out that velour Juicy Couture tracksuit because rumor has it those are back in style. Possibly the only event where you can wear sunglasses at night and not look like an a**hole. Cherish it.

  1. A Running Event That Gives Back

As a Lumsden Club Event, all proceeds go to Fife Women’s Aid. By attending, and especially by participating in the run you are contributing to an incredibly worthing cause. You get to do this without being like Jess the vegan, who keeps posting about her inspiring journey to accomplish her goal of running a half marathon, and won’t stop asking you to donate to her go fund me page.




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