Think Again with TEDx!

Ideas worth spreading.

Already in its sixth year, the conference TEDxUniversityofStAndrews will return to the Byre Theater on the 22nd of April.

This year, the TEDxStA committee aim to go above and beyond previous years as they bring together ten speakers from across the globe, in the hopes of inspiring new and original ideas to create a better future for our community. Following the chosen theme, “Think Again”, this year’s speakers will come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, in order to encourage each of us to approach life from a new angle, see from a different perspective and question how we view the world today. 

In possibly their strongest year yet, the conference boasts what TEDx is famous for: “ideas worth spreading”.

TEDx will be an all day conference with talks from 10 – 3:30, on Sunday the 22nd. Latecomers beware, if you do not arrive promptly tickets may be resold.  Tickets are on sale now through the Byre website, and detailed speaker lineups can be found on the TEDx Facebook page.



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