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What to Wear to Glitterball 2019

Colette tells us what to wear for one of the most anticipated balls this spring

Glitterball, St Andrew’s LGBT+ inclusive ball and one of the most highly anticipated balls of second semester, is just around the corner. Flashy dressers and fashionistas can rejoice as Glitterball will be the perfect place to break out those bold prints, textures, and colors that are some of the more challenging items we have in our closets to wear on the daily. Glitterball is also going to be a welcoming environment for St Andrews students to subvert traditional “masculine” and “feminine” stereotypes when it comes to clothing and accessories, so we look forward to seeing how students play with silhouettes, shoes, makeup to achieve these effects!


It might seem obvious, but glitter is a must at Glitterball! It’s time to break out that sequined dress you’ve been saving for the right night out. Or if an all sequin ensemble is too ostentatious for you, make glitter an accent for your outfit with a pair of glittery pumps, or turn an otherwise simple look into something memorable with a sparkly clutch and reflective earrings.  

In case you’re in a last-minute bind, you can always pick up some cosmetic glitter glue and loose glitter at one of the local drugstores and apply it to your temples or eyelids. Guys can even give themselves a glitter beard or mix glitter with hair gel and comb it into their hair to spice up a look. 

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Glitterball is the perfect place to play with silhouettes. Instead of the traditional formal dress, consider pulling from more masculine fashion trends and consider a jumpsuit, or blazer with a bralette and dress pants. In the interest of both comfort and fashion, maybe wear loafers over heels! Guys should feel free to pull the same sort of inspiration from womenswear, or trends in makeup and accessories should they feel inclined to wear something a little different!   

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Bright Colour 

Not only do we expect to see lots of glitter and texture in the ensembles at glitterball but, being an event to support the LGBT+ community, we hope to see representation in lots of bright colours as well. Whether you are directly a part of the LGBT+ community or are an ally, deck yourself out in rainbow accessories to show pride! We also recommend a brightly coloured suit jacket as opposed to traditional black, or a fun dress that plays with colour and print if you’re not in the market for something sequined. 




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