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Sitara 2019: Reviewed

Maiah reviews Sitara 2019

As far as first fashion shows go, Sitara could not have been a better first one to experience.  I know, it seems silly for the editor of the fashion section to not have been to any fashion shows until nearly the end of second year, but what can I say?  I guess I did not get around to it till now, and what a night.

Source: Lightbox St Andrews (Björn Lambrenos)

Sitara promises a unique experience unlike many of the other fashion shows here at St Andrews, as it offers “a celebration of Asian cultures.”  The fashion, dance, and music of the show aimed to showcase these cultures “through an urban and contemporary lens,” which I thought was an appropriate description given the unique and eclectic fashion that was displayed at the show, along with the decor and atmosphere that was the perfect fusion of eastern and western cultures.

The venue, Lochaber Farm was a new one, and small enough that the show felt like a private, intimate event.  I was surprised at the lack of huge crowds at the actual show, and to be honest, this was a blessing for someone like myself who tends to have claustrophobia. In between each act of the show, the guests were entertained by lively dance and music numbers, including a fusion of bagpipe and banghra, which was something I had never seen before.

Source: Lightbox St Andrews (Björn Lambrenos)

The standout of the show of course, was the fashion which was exactly what I came for. As far as fashion shows go, I was blown away by the clothes and variety of styles that were presented during the show.  Each designer that was introduced varied, and I was never bored by the clothing and acts during the show, anticipating each one after the next.  The models did a fantastic job of executing the fashion expertly, walking to the beat of the music to showcase every detail of the pieces they were wearing, and pausing long enough for photographers to snap a photo.  The standouts were the detailed designs of Christina Wong Textiles, the camoflauge utility by Earl, and my personal favourite – the whimsical, glittery pieces by Sophie Corbishley.

Source: Lightbox St Andrews (Björn Lambrenos)

However, while the fashion of the show was breathtaking, I noticed that most of the time, no one actually paid attention to the artwork and handiwork of the designers, rather opting to simply snap a single photo just to say they attended the event.  There was also no big difference between the VIP and normal sections of the show, making the venue seem a bit chaotic.  This is why I have been hesitant to attend many fashion shows at St Andrews in the first place, because to me they seemed too much of a social obligation or social construct rather than an event that people actually enjoyed going to.

Despite this fact, I loved the show, and the hard work the Sitara committee and models put in to make it a unique event.  I had the chance to speak to some of the committee while watching the show, and I can say that they are a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who put a lot of work into something they believe will truly benefit the student body at St Andrews.  The fashion that I saw in the show was something that I had never seen before, and am grateful to have experienced it firsthand.  To me, the designers and people that were showcased were something new compared to the other events in St Andrews, and this is what makes Sitara worth going to at least once in your time here.

Source: Lightbox St Andrews (Björn Lambrenos)



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