Bella reviews DONT WALK 2019

After having to unfortunately reschedule the show from March due to uncontrollable weather (classic Scotland), DONT WALK was even more highly anticipated than usual. The new location for the show was Bowhouse, a renovated barn/warehouse in Saint Monans, Fife, approximately twenty minutes away from town. For the average St. Andrews student, it seems as if anything further then Kinkell is in another world, but the travel time was definitely worth it.

After walking into the venue, the expansive runway was in the center with an area to the left that had a bar and several food vendors. The runway was laid out so that there were three outlets, one on the left and right, and then the center runway splitting off at the end forming a circle around the DJ. The layout of the runway allowed for optimal viewing space for the audience. The VIP guests could watch the show from the middle of the catwalk with the standard tables surrounding the outside. The tables were decorated with banana and pineapple chips, green tea lemonade and some of the best chocolate truffles I’ve had in a while. The corporate section was on a terrace by the entrance and offered a great view of the entire show.

Photo: Emily Silk

After grabbing my complimentary glass of champagne (offered to VIP guests at the champagne reception prior to the show) and taking in the unfamiliar setting, I was anxiously waiting for the show to start. The videos released prior to the show only added to the excitement with their enticing advertising of what was to come. The show began fashionably late, with rumors that they needed to wait until the sun set for lighting reasons. However, once the show began it was truly breathtaking. It opened with two ballerinas appearing on the catwalk as the audience was wide eyed and quickly reminded of why DONT WALK is so different than the other St Andrews fashion shows.

The outfits shown on the runway were truly remarkable. From unconventional suiting, to striking leather trenches, the outfits were extraordinary. Based on the level of sophistication of the show as well, it is hard to believe that it is put on by university students. The auction can sometimes dampen the momentum of the show however this was not the case here. Although people were eager for the show to continue, the auction didn’t run long enough for it to feel awkward.

Photo: Emily Silk

The second half proved to be just as good as the first with everything from bikinis and briefs to puffers and ski pants. At the risk of sounding like a creep, the lingerie was a highlight of the second half. It was provocative without being offensive. At this point too, the models really started to let loose and enjoy themselves, with the audience quick to follow, screaming and clapping as they strutted down the runway.

Overall, the music was fun and easy to dance to. Additionally, the way in which the DJ interacted with both the audience and the models added an unexpected personal touch.

The lighting throughout the show was another notable element of the show. At one point, a model walked down the catwalk in an all red dress with red lightening to match, showing how nothing DONT WALK does is accidental. Lastly, I was blown away by the choreography of the models, you could tell how much time and effort went into perfecting it. Also, the opening of the show and the start of the second half were especially notable in terms of choreography, it was seductive, precise and overall very entertaining.

Photo: Emily Silk

Although many people were eager to sell their tickets on Facebook, that proved to be a mistake as the show was definitely worth the wait. I can’t imagine how much time and planning goes into putting on a show like this, and then having to essentially reorganize everything that takes nearly a year to plan in a little over a month is an entirely separate feat. I genuinely enjoyed the show and am thoroughly impressed by the DONT WALK committee and their ability to put on such a great event. Congratulations DONT WALK 2019



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