Charity Polo: What to Wear, in a Pinch

Mari gives us some last minute advice if you’re still worried about what to wear to this year’s Charity Polo tournament

The Charity Polo Game is fast approaching, and as of today, the weather forecast is not very encouraging, with rainy clouds on the horizon. But since we live in Scotland and every season can take place in a day, we’ll plan for a sunny day and take an umbrella along. The game last year was full of amazingly dressed attendees, so in the hopes of replicating the feast for the eyes that it was, here are a few suggestions that you might want to take into account if you like planning your outfits in advance like me (even if you end up totally changing your mind on the day of).

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1. For the ladies. Fairly obvious, but can have disastrous consequences if forgotten: Skinny heels are a big no-no.

Unless you are a huge fan of either getting your show stuck in the mud or bending your ankle beyond recognition, stiletto heels should maybe take a backseat.

2. Bring. A. Jacket.

As discussed above, weather conditions in Scotland are very capricious, so it’s worth bringing a scarf or a jacket or a cardigan to wear since there are not really any possibilities to return home over the course of the day. Goosebumps are not ideal, and it’s better to avoid a cold over revision week. The silent section of the library becomes hellish very quickly when you’re trying not to sniffle or sneeze.

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3. Plan for the wind.

Make sure that you’ll feel comfortable in your outfit if its starts becoming windy and you won’t need to engage the age-old skirt-holding strategy at the smallest gust of wind.

4. Sunscreen.

The sun can be deceptively strong here, and your skin might not be used to sun exposure after months of Scottish winter weather, especially for hours on end.

There you have it folks! Enjoy the game, the outdoors, the delicious food and stay safe.

Source: Ampersand



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