Credit: The Kate Kennedy Club

Opening Ball: Previewed

Our Events Editor, Jack, previews the first ball of the academic year – Opening Ball.

Opening Ball is a baptism-by-black-tie of sorts. Most student experiences are christened by this first foray into the world of formal events and St. Andrean debauchery, Kate Kennedy’s annual inaugural ball.

Credit: The Kate Kennedy Club

This year, a departure from the age old Lower College Lawn venue, the 12 October ball will be held at the, to the best of my knowledge, never before used venue – Station Park. This being the rugby fields near the Old Course Hotel, guests will be able to enjoy a picturesque backdrop to their night, with busing to-and-from the marquee being included in ticket prices. While this is a departure from tradition, this shift was unavoidable due to university construction taking place immediately after Starfields in the Lower College Lawn venue.

This shan’t be an issue as the Kate Kennedy Club is committed to maintaining the grandeur and pomp which their events are widely known for.

Credit: The Kate Kennedy Club

It’s hard to explain the magic of Opening Ball to those who have not yet experienced a St Andrews ball. We may get demeaned by the rest of the United Kingdom for our lack of traditional night out options, but St Andrews undeniably knows how to party – just in our own way. From the iconic hand-delivered champagne reception to the two distinctly unique DJ areas, the first black-tie event of the year spent with newly made friends is an experience difficult to replicate.

This first black-tie experience for many freshers can set the tone for the semester, for the year even. It is truly a St Andrean rite of passage. With the majority of first year class due to attend, this is most definitely not an event to be missed.


Credit: The Kate Kennedy Club



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