BPM: Editors’ Review

The Stand Editors’ review BPM: Remedy

The Stand is pleased to announce our new press contract with BPM for this 2019-2020 academic year. From this point on we will be the official point of contact for all news BPM! We also will have a weekly playlist (released on Fridays) made by BPM.

To kick off our partnership, The Stand editors have written a joint review of the BPM Remedy event this Thursday 26 September.

Zoe Spirgel, Editor-in-Chief: “Walking into BPM, I had no idea what to expect. As soon as we stepped foot on the dance floor, The Stand team never stopped dancing. The music was incredible, no one was disgustingly wasted, and everyone was in an overwhelming state of bliss. 100% one of the best nights out I have had in St Andrews.”

Bella DiPietro, Features Editor: “When ‘pretty girl rock’ came on the energy in the room was indescribable. Yet again, BPM finds a way to make each set unique.”

Anna Cumbleich, News Editor: “The music at BPM created the kind of environment that makes you dance on tables.”

Maiah Khin, Fashion Editor: “For a first time attendee of BPM, my experience couldn’t have been better. Everyone was so welcoming upon entry and the music was the perfect mix of dynamic and eclectic.”

Poppy Booth, Opinions Editor: “This was not just any night out in the Vic… everyone really wanted to be there and were determined to have fun, and the great music played by the DJ’s ensured that this was the case.”

If The Stand Team had a blast, you will too! Make sure to be on the lookout for upcoming BPM events, don’t miss out!



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