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Janice – An Unsung Fashion Hero

Rose gives us style inspo from one of television’s most underrated characters

Friends has produced so many style icons. Rachel and Monica’s outfits have been extensively copied over the years, with the 90s coming back in a big way in recent seasons. However, whilst Rachel’s miniskirts and crop tops are undeniably cute, I think we should look to a different character all together for our fashion inspiration. Janice!

Her fashion was somewhat overshadowed by her ‘oh my gods’, but take a second look at this character and you will see that her head-to-toe leopard ensembles are enviable, and her accessorising is second to none. Here are some of her best outfits, and the current pieces available so that you can emulate them.


My friends all know that I almost never leave the house without some leopard print in my outfit, be it just a scrunchie or fluffy coat. Janice’s look is relatively easy to copy today, with the popularity of this print and the proliferation of leopard items on the market. Here are some of my favourite pieces from shops like Reformation, Never Fully Dressed and Levis. Of course, you don’t have to be as brave as Janice and rock the print on your whole body, but don’t shy away from incorporating it into a simpler outfit!

Source: Urban Outfitters, Zara, Ego


Janice is never one to shy away from accessories and this outfit is one of the best examples. Find every piece of gold jewellery you have and layer up! Complete the look with Chanel-inspired pieces. The best place to get your hands on an affordable boucle jacket is Zara, and ASOS has a large range of cardigans. If you are looking for jewellery to stack high, look no further than Icy Szn, who have necklaces to suit every budget.

Source: Picimon, Chanel, asos


Now this might not be an everyday look, but if you are looking to make a statement then search no further. Maybe whip this one out for FS or another event where you want to turn some heads. For an affordable option take a look at In The Style, or if you have some cash to splash check out the offerings on Net-a-Porter. Pair with simple black shoes and toned down accessories.

Source: IntheStyle, Poshmark, Zara

Now make Janice proud and wear these looks around town with her level of confidence! Oh, and watch out for any Chandler Bings.



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